Metals Centre is your one-stop-metals-supply & laser-cutting online shop.
We provide water jet cutting.

Metals Centre specializes in online sales of cut-to-size metals, including metal orders by phone. We have no minimum quantity orders, but do have a R17.50 minimum charge.

Our skilled guillotine and band-saw operators, will cut your material to size, be it sheet metal or plate ranging from, 0.5mm to 12mm thick and round bar from 3mm to 300mm thick.

Our full range of sections and extrusions, in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be cut to suit your specifications.

- Your components are produced quickly and accurately.

- Your raw material costs are reduced through sophisticated 'nesting' software used before cutting

- Almost anything you can draw can be laser cut, or water jet cut - giving you even greater design flexibility.

- Your tooling and fixturing costs are reduced to a minimum using our laser and water jet cutting services.

- You can have profiles, holes and slots cut out in one setup, without the need for complicated jigs or fixtures.

- There is minimal heat distortion , and the relative burr free cutting means less reworking afterwards.

- The CNC controls, allows you to cut different components from the same sheet of material. Very handy for cutting kits-of-parts.

- Your components are cut to a high level of precision - Achieving tolerances of +/-.2 and .25, giving you a near-perfect edge-quality finish.